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7 Ways to Use Facebook to Help Your Business

Facebook marketing is a must for any business that wants to achieve marketing strategy goals. Using Facebook allows you to improve customer service, reduce marking costs and optimize your brand.

There are three simple yet core goals when using Facebook for business. No. 1 is increasing Facebook likes, new followers and subscribers that can nourish the community. The second is improving engagement through excellent customer service and dynamic material. The third is the most obvious and vital, increasing sales.

Here are some simple yet vital tips to encourage sales on your page.


1. Engagement

The No. 1 goal you should have when posting on Facebook is catching the attention of your followers and encouraging them to engage with your brand’s page.

People don’t want to be sold to all of the time; they will be happier buying what you’re selling if you have established rapport. Engaging content includes photos, questions, links to other relevant yet inspiring questions or other talking points.

The goal is to get your followers to engage and comment on your content, which will build trust. Once you’ve built this trust you can mix in link posts and images your product and website. Remember the way Facebook’s page algorithm works is that people will see more posts from pages they engage with.

Make sure your content feels fresh and relevant, also it’s vital there is no factual errors of spelling mistakes. Grammarix and My Writing Way offer fantastic grammar checking.

2. Show Off

This tip is better geared toward those who have tangible products to show off. The power of suggestion is strong on Facebook especially with images. Images are the most shared element of social media so make your images appealing enough that your followers want to share with their friends.

3. Get Likes

Many small businesses start with family and friends giving the page likes. The best way to get a large quantity of real fan likes is by using the Promoted Page feature on Facebook. This feature can be accessed about the cover photo on the left-hand side of your profile page. Using this feature will visibly let you see your likes and sales rise.

If you are a local business try targeting an audience within 20 to 30 from your business, there is no need to target the whole state. The default ad setting on Facebook is to run continuously, this can be expensive as it won’t stop until you tell it to do so. Run it four to five days at a time, monitoring how well it’s working and how many hits it generates.

Student Writing Services is a fantastic tool is help generate Facebook post headlines that will make your followers want to like your post.

4. Run a Contest

People love the idea of winning things, it is sure to grab people’s attention. Recently, Facebook has lightened the rules on running contests. It’s now as simple as posting a contest-related status, usually with a photo to grab extra attention. Many giveaways ask the followers to like the post, comment or share the post to enter. If you sell a product, perhaps give away a free sample of that product as the prize. It will make your company look warm and if the winner likes it they may become a dedicated customer.

5. Boost

The boost feature on Facebook is simple yet gets results that are easy to measure. There are ad apps, but for a small or local business they can be a waste of resources. Below each post on your timeline you will see a boost post link. Once you’ve clicked the link you will be allowed to customize your targets and demographics. Try and focus the boost on your local area and then choose a relevant age and gender. This feature also lets you to closely monitor your budget.

This will create a sponsored story in the targeted people’s news feed, these will look natural and non-intrusive. “The Boost feature will give small business the same effect as having a marketing expert run ads,” says digital marketer Belinda Caines from Top Canadian Writers.

Boost is a great way to see what works for your brand, page and customers. It measures what time of day is best to post, what content garners the most likes and comments, and what makes people unfollow. Use Facebook editing tools like Australian Reviewed, as recommended by the Huffington Post

6. Contact

Make it easy and obvious for customers to contact your business. Have your Facebook Message function turned on so people browsing your page can easily contact you for more information. People often privately contact businesses about times, appointments and prices. This will get more hits than an email address. To turn on messages by going into your admin panel (above your cover photo) and select Click Page before Edit Settings and then the messages area, where you can edit messages. It is also vital you put your phone number in the About section on your profile.

7. Consistency

Many small businesses forget how important brand consistency is. It’s important to keep your Facebook page in line with business visions and goals. The page is still part of the business so it should display the same personality. This can easily be done with color schemes, banners and tone.

It is also important to show your brand identity when interacting with customers. Tone is vital because you don’t want to seem like you take business too seriously but you don’t want to seem unprofessional.

Following these tips will help you use Facebook to the maximum of its capacity. Through trying out these strategies you can create an active and thriving community. Having engaged follows who interact with your brand will make you stand out from competitors. For more tips on getting tips on using Facebook for marketing check out Jeff Bullas.

Source: https://salesandmarketing.com


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