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Is Nurturing Leads a Productive Strategy for Creating Customers?

We’ve all heard the concept “nurturing leads.”  If you haven’t, it’s the strategy where you take a lead and you put them into some sort of a cadence where they receive touches from you on a regular basis.  The idea is if you touch them enough they will eventually become a customer.

Remember that kid in your 2nd grade class who couldn’t keep from touching everyone?  Sure you do, because you spent recess each day making sure he wasn’t anywhere near you.

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Email vs. the Telephone: Which is Better for Prospecting?

The argument I hear is nobody answers the phone, and in the time it takes to make a few calls that don’t go anywhere, I can send an email to hundreds of people. If it was just a game of the number of people you could contact, then yes, email would win.  I see that as being a bogus question, though.

The question should not be the number of people you can contact. The question we need to be asking is, “What are the number of people I can close?”

Leads that don’t go anywhere are nothing but a huge distraction and a huge de-motivator long term.  Conversely, having fewer leads but being able to close a higher percent of them is a huge motivator.

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I’ve written before about the need to know why you sell.  In my own life, my sales performance changed dramatically when I realized why I was in sales, and that was to help others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

Take a moment and let the last sentence sink in, and ask yourself why you sell.  Bigger yet is to ask yourself why you do what you do each day.  When I’m working with top performing salespeople, I see people who are also clear on the why about everything they do.  These people are deliberate in how they approach each day and what their goals are.

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