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How Did CMO Budgets Fare in 2017?

Chief Marketing Officers spend an estimated 37 percent of their budgets on customer acquisition. A recent study from analyst Gartner notes the largest marketing expenditures this year have been for data analytics and digital ads. Read the post, which also breaks down B2B and B2C marketing.

1. Marketing Budgets Dip to 11.3% of Company Revenue

Marketing budgets last year reached a peak of 12.1% of company revenues, per Gartner. This year, though, budgets have taken a small hit, declining to 11.3% of company revenues.

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The Essentials of a Good Social Selling Strategy

Technology is continuing to shake up business-to-business lead generation. Email marketing is still an effective way to “socialize with your target audience,” writes Mary Long on Adweek.com. She suggests organizations use precise marketing. “When you are only approaching targets that you know are already aligned with your offering, your lead generation rate will climb.” Long also addresses the thorny issue of cold calling.

More companies are realizing that their current business-to-business lead-generation strategies are not working. It’s now time to replace the cold call with a targeted approach that identifies and attracts the audience that wants your products or services.

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Mobile messaging and augmented reality are likely to take center stage next year. These practices—along with the popularity of live streaming video—will keep marketers and sales pros busy in the coming months. BarnRaisers, a digital marketing and branding consultancy, also predicts 30 percent of chat conversations will be chatboxes in 2018.

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