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The 5 Things You Learn within 3 Minutes of Meeting Someone New

We meet new people all the time: at conferences, networking events, on plane journeys, at gatherings and at parties. Some of those people we'll never see again and some of them will become friends, partners or colleagues for years and even a lifetime.

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3 Common Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

More than half of consumers now rely on mobile devices to stay connected to friends, work, email, social media and the Internet, for an average of three hours a day. By contrast, fewer than half of consumers still rely on their desktop computers to perform the same functions, according to data reported by media expert Mary Meeker and Smart Insights.

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Is Snapchat growing bigger than Facebook?

Over the course of the last year, Snapchat's growth has exploded. As a quick refresher, Snapchat is a mobile app in which you send videos and pictures to friends that disappear shortly after they're sent. The photos and videos are raw, authentic and minimally edited, making it incredibly refreshing for users accustomed to Instagram's endless filters.

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