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5 Ways to Improve Your Editorial Calendar

Whether you’re running a small business or a corporation, using an editorial calendar can help you successfully manage your blog, email, and social media content. An editorial calendar is a bird’s-eye view of upcoming content. It serves as a framework for the type of content you want to share, when it should be published, and which digital channels you should use. Blog posts, infographics, videos, how-to guides, photo galleries, and emails are a small sampling of different digital content types. The type of content you create should reflect your goals to achieve the best return on investment (ROI).

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Closing Deals Faster Using a Field Sales Approach

Your target market may not know they need your product right off the bat. That’s why a face-to-face meeting is key.

When we launched Varsity News Network (VNN) in 2011, we didn’t plan on building a national sales team. Our intention was to bring schools onto the nation’s largest high school sports network using landing pages, conversion funnels, email and phone calls, but that strategy ended up not working for us. We got a few bites, but generally, we weren’t making sales quickly enough. So we got out of the office, into our cars and off to meet our prospects in person.

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8 Things You Should Never Say In A Meeting

When the patience is low and the stress is high, when you want to smile but you also just want to cry, you may let unprofessional words and phrases slip out. We’ve all been there. Work can be challenging. And juggling coworkers and bosses can sometimes seem like climbing up a downward-moving escalator.

It’s in these moments, that you must keep your cool. Whether you need a woo-sah moment or need to head to the onsite gym to sweat it out, try your hardest to maintain a calm, collected disposition at work.

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