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Emotion Is The Currency Of Experience

The shift from good ol’ marketing to delivering “experiences” means that brands must strive to invoke emotion from their customers, said John Mellor, Adobe’s VP of strategy, alliances, and marketing, during his day-two keynote at Adobe Summit, in Las Vegas.

“The impact of experience,” Mellor told the 12,000-plus attendees, “is not just functional. It is also about how [the experience] makes us feel. Experience is about the emotion we have when we interact with brands. We are not just marketers anymore. We are not just stewards. We are ambassadors of experience. And every experience leads to an emotional response.”

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3 profit-raising tips to keep even the grumpiest customers happy

Before we begin this article, take a moment, a little breath, and imagine the ideal customer for your business. It’s a beautiful image, isn’t it? The kind of sight that lingers in your mind’s eye after 14 days of Buddhist meditation.

This smiling, picture perfect customer is ready (and incredibly willing) to part with their cash at a moment’s notice. They chat about the weather while passing you their account number and sort code, allowing you to empty their bank account and watch your company sky rocket into the glistening stratosphere of success.


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How selling a solution is different from selling a product

Today it is almost impossible to meet a product salesperson in the business-to-business sector. Everyone sells ‘solutions’ in the hope they can charge a premium or perform some miracle that will instantly differentiate them from their competitors.

And management—often ignorant of the subtle differences between selling products or services and selling solutions—becomes frustrated when they find the expected boom in sales doesn’t materialise; that their salespeople continue to face pressure for lower prices, better service delivery and a wider range of offerings.

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