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How to Stop Your B2B Sales Leads from Falling Through the Cracks

Ensure your representatives' new sales leads are handled properly by pre-qualifying them using a clear, consistent process, advises Al Davidson. Leads that are far from a purchasing decision should be nurtured through tracked conversations, data, demos and product information.

One of the dirty secrets of B2B sales is that many B2B organizations are losing lots of new business leads and wasting a significant amount of time by chasing the wrong leads.

Despite all the money that many companies spend on marketing and sales headcounts, much of this investment is going to waste. Why? Because too many B2B companies are not doing a good enough job of qualifying their new sales leads.

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How to boost your team's productivity quickly

Sales teams can be more efficient closing out the year if they take the time to clean up their customer relationship management data and automate small tasks whenever possible. Encourage your team to unsubscribe from social media notifications to improve focus during the workday, writes Meg Prater.

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What are the Top Challenges Facing Retailers in 2018?

Last year we explored some of the major challenges that we thought the retail industry would face in the upcoming months and years. It quickly became our most popular blog post. Despite the short time that has elapsed since the original post was published, there have been some significant developments in the retail sector.

For that reason, we thought it was a pretty good time to review the new problems facing online retailers in 2018.

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