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Marketing Tips We Can Take Away From This Year's Super Bowl Ads

Whether you were a Panthers or a Broncos fan, most people can agree that the Super Bowl ads were highly entertaining. For marketers in particular, the ads were more than just entertaining.

From the Doritos ad, to the Mountain Dew ad, to Hyundia and Intuit, many companies displayed powerful marketing techniques to intrigue and entice their audience. The ads are more than just funny or interesting. They provide valuable insight into how some of the world’s most prominent companies build their brands and grab new viewers. Here are a few of the most noteworthy ads from this year’s Super Bowl and what we can learn from them.


1. Doritos “Doritos Dogs”

Doritos showed us that all marketers are story tellers. In their commercial during Super Bowl 50, Doritos features a story in which a group of dogs embark on mischievous plans to buy Doritos from a supermarket. The commercial is funny, entertaining, and leaves the viewers with a smile on their face, thinking about Doritos.


2. Heinz’s “Wiener Stampede”


What better way to capture a viewer’s attention than to draw up a bunch of weiner dogs like hot dogs and have them race down a hill towards larger-than-life forms of ketchup and mustard. Heinz doesn’t rely on much dialogue or plot in their commercial; they rely primarily on the visual and emotional satisfaction their viewers receive when watching this escapade.


3. Hyundai’s “First Date”


Kevin Hart rarely fails to entertain, and this ad is no exception. When Kevin Hart’s daughter is taken out on a date, Hart gives the keys of his car to her boyfriend. The catch? Kevin’s Hyundai has a built-in tracking device, which allows Hart to know where his daughter and her date are at all times. Hart is then able to follow them around, keeping a close eye. Hyundai takes advantage of Hart’s dramatic sense of comedy, and in doing so advertises the Hyundai’s tracking device in a light hearted way.


4. Doritos “Ultrasound”


Doritos scored more than both the Broncos and Panthers combined in this Super Bowl. With two of their ads seen as among the most entertaining of the Super Bowl, the Doritos marketing team deserves a pat on the back. Their ultrasound commercial features a baby (as observed through ultrasound) who apparently reacts in eagerness when he senses Doritos are nearby. “People love Doritos, even in the womb,” is the message Doritos conveys in their unique, perhaps unusual ad. The company is trying to build a brand of desirability, demonstrating that they are a wanted and sought after product. Doritos teaches us that if we want our brand to be desired, we shouldn’t come out and say it explicitly – we should instead show it through a series of interesting or comical scenes. People like to laugh, and if you can get them to laugh or smile then they are more likely to enjoy your commercial.

Ultimately, the ads of this year’s Super Bowl were a great reminder that creativity, humor, intrigue and curiosity are great tools for captivating and compelling an audience.



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