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How Product Strategy Paves the Way for Sales and Marketing

Your sales and marketing teams cannot accomplish their objectives without a sound product strategy. We recently spoke with Todd Wells, the SVP of product development at Frontier Communications. Todd is responsible for the company’s product strategy.

We asked him to be on our show to discuss how he does it all. From developing the product roadmap, to managing existing product portfolios, Todd has vast experience that our audience will find useful.

Todd starts by discussing market consideration, building a portfolio and product roadmaps. He explains how to navigate the daunting task of choosing the right markets and positioning your product properly. He also explains his pricing strategy and how to determine product profitability.

We then discuss market messaging and how to align your sales and marketing teams. He explains how he ensures everyone works together efficiently and cohesively. Ultimately, he simplifies it for our audience. Todd explains the differences between the two teams and how often they should work together. Finally, Wells wraps up the show and gives the audience practical advice to implement immediately.

Sales and marketing teams cannot hit their revenue growth goals without the help of the product team. Product leaders must give them compelling products to market and sell. It’s that basic. Get started by listening to Todd’s advice on how to have a well thought out product strategy. It will help you invest in products that are in high demand in the marketplace.  And set your sales and marketing teams up for success.

Source: salesbenchmarkindex.com



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