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Driving Internal and External Strategic Alignment

What is the key to making your number? Internal and external strategic alignment. This means the functional strategies are in alignment with the corporate strategy. And equally important, they are aligned with the external marketplace. My colleague, George de los Reyes, and I discuss this on our episode of the SBI Insider podcast. We’ll explain what it means, and how to get there.


During the episode, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • The importance of cross-functional alignment in order to begin strategy planning with a solid foundation.
  • The fundamental difference between strategy and tactics.
  • The impact strategic alignment has on your cost to acquire customers and their lifetime value.
  • How to understand where you are in the revenue growth maturity model, and why you should care.

We’ll also listen into what your peers, other sales and marketing leaders, have to say about strategic alignment. We’ll examine how they implement it at their organizations. And they’ll explain how it has increased their probability of hitting their revenue growth goals.

Making your number requires strategic alignment, both internally and with the external marketplace. Without it, your chances of hitting your revenue objectives decreases dramatically. Listen here as George and I explain its importance, and give you a peek into how your peers are doing it. This insight will give you the best chance to make your number.

Speakers: Matt SharrersGeorge de los Reyes, SBI


Source: salesbenchmarkindex.com



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