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No need to panic about Instagram notifications

If you've been on Instagram lately, your feed was undoubtedly filled with posts asking you to turn on post notifications. These notifications alert you every time a user posts a new photo to Instagram.


Why the sudden frenzy from users and brands about post notifications? It follows Instagram's announcement that they'll be introducing a new algorithm to sort your feed. Previously, the social media platform was entirely chronological.

So, what does your business need to know about Instagram's newest changes and post notifications?
The details on Instagram's newest changes

The details on Instagram's newest changes

It's no surprise Instagram is introducing an algorithm to sort its timeline. The company is owned by Facebook. Plus, just last year, they integrated ad-targeting data from Facebook. Shortly after that, it was projected Instagram ads could bring in $1.2 billion within one year.


It's clear Instagram — with more than 300 million active users — is aiming to integrate ads and pay-to-play options into their platform much more.

When Instagram announced their feed will soon be algorithm-based, users instantly went into high alert. Many high-profile users and brands saw this as the end of the raw platform. They were scared their content would no longer be seen unless they paid for their placement. In essence, users saw Instagram becoming Facebook.

For now, Instagram hasn't changed much. For the large majority of Instagram users, their feeds still look exactly the same. Only a small portion of accounts are being tested with the algorithm.

Instagram assures users the changes are just being tested for now. They won't be debuting these updates for weeks or even months.

Right now, Instagram says "people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds." Users are following more and more accounts and missing the moments, pictures and posts they likely value the most.

The goal of introducing an algorithmic feed is to help users keep up with the accounts they value the most.

Should your brand ask users to sign up for post notifications?

You've seen post after post asking you to sign up for post notifications on Instagram. So, should your business ask users to do the same? Are you missing out if you don't?


Your business doesn't want to have to beg your followers to be a part of your community.

You want to create content that truly engages them. While we don't know the details of Instagram's new algorithm yet, the most important accounts will likely be gauged by how often users like, comment and visit that profile.

Plus, remember, this is a new development. For now, Instagram is just testing. Nothing has changed yet.

Your brand's smart next step on Instagram

Scroll through your brand's latest Instagram posts for the last week, last month and last year.

Which photos have the highest amounts of likes or comments? Why is that? Determine which factors played into your posts' success.

Look at the composition, color, white space and subject of your popular photos. Additionally, examine the tone, goal, text and emojis included in your caption. Did you tag a location?

The more data you can gather about what engages your followers, the better content you can create.

When you create truly compelling content, your brand doesn't need to beg your followers to stick around. They won't want to miss an update, so you'll be featured in their feed — whether it's algorithmic or chronological.

Source: exclusive.multibriefs.com



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