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Learn how to market your business with Instagram’s 60-second videos

Over the last couple of weeks, Instagram and Facebook have been rolling out loads of changes. While there are many new features to try, zero in on Instagram's videos.


Instagram expanded its videos from 15 to 60 seconds — four times the length. Why the substantial increase? Over the last six months, Instagram found "the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent."

The longer video format is slowly being rolled out to all accounts, so if you don't see it yet, try to update your app.

As Instagram strives to showcase videos, you'll see featured videos and those that align with your interests in the Explore tab. With this new addition, other users can organically find your videos, increasing their reach.

Harness the power of Instagram's longer videos to better market your brand and grow your following.


How to shoot better Instagram videos

You don't have to be a huge company with a big budget to create stellar video content. A few simple tricks make all the difference. And yes, you can still take the video on your phone.

Wipe off the lens. This one seems like a no-brainer. Before you shoot a picture or video on your phone, wipe off the lens to remove the oil from your hands. It brightens the images and creates a clearer picture.

Get a tripod. You can nab a tripod for cellphones for less than $20. No one wants to watch a shaky video. Period.

Work with natural light. You don't need to invest in expensive lights. Instead, set up your shoot indoors in a room with the best natural light. Watch how the light fills the room over several days to discover the perfect time to shoot. Same for the outdoors. Anything shot during the golden hour is going to be perfect.

Plan it out. Don't wing it. Plan the basics of what your video will look like and the key points you want to hit on.

Edit, edit, edit. You can edit your video on your phone. Lifehacker found Adobe Premiere Clip for Android and Splice for iOS to be the best video-editing apps. Both apps are free and offer all the basic video-editing features. If you want to do any substantial editing, upload the video to your computer.

Play with time. Slow down your video, create a time lapse or use Instagram's Boomerang to DIY a GIF-like video. When videos play at a different speed than anticipated, they instantly have your users' attention. If you're aiming for a highly-viewed video, go with Boomerang. The short, animated clips are addicting, and users watch them multiple times. 

Marketing: How to use 60-second Instagram videos

Historically, these are the types of videos that perform best on Instagram. Grab your team, brainstorm all the video ideas you can, then map out how to release at least one video per month.

Once produced, upload it to Youtube, too. Add an SEO-driven keyword description to expand its reach and appear in Google search results.

How-to: Tutorials are always going to be top traffic drivers.

Showcase your craft:Ever watched a calligrapher or illustrator create a piece right before your eyes? It's mesmerizing. Pinpoint those "wow" moments of your job and share them.

Behind the scenes: While everyone loves a curated, perfected video, they also like videos that feel authentic and real. Think about shooting a conversation with a co-worker or your brand's founder. Capture what it's really like to be at your company.

Source: exclusive.multibriefs.com




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