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For the credibility of the profession, it is important to recognize marketing and sales professionals who have met and surpassed high standards of education, experience, knowledge, and ethical conduct. Sales & MarketingDownload Certification HandbookExecutives International, Inc. (SMEI) has established sales certification and marketing certification programs for professionals to complete in order to be able to use its professional designations. These sales certification and marketing certification programs involve part-time self study and an examination process.

Your SMEI sales certification or marketing certification designation show to the world that you are a sales and marketing professional. Sales certification and marketing certification announce your professional competence to your clients, employer, peers, and customers. Your CSE®, CME®, or SCPS® designation certifies that you abide by the highest ethics and principles and have demonstrated knowledge and experience in sales and marketing.

The SMEI proprietary reference text  for each of the sales certification and marketing certification programs developed in cooperation with educational publisher McGraw Hill Ryerson, along with online learning resources will assist you in self study as you prepare for certification.


Các nhà quản lí thành công nói gì . . .


Certification is very helpful in the workplace and in public relations. - Dave Hinkes, CME, Xerox

"It shows professionalism to my customers and business associates." - Peggy Robart, CSE, Nationwide Insurance

I just don't want to be one of the pack, I want to show I'm a professional. - Harlan Proehl, CSE, Hewlett Packard


Tôi nhận được những lợi ích gì?

Professionalism -- Sales Certification and Marketing Certification indicates a high level of professionalism toCertified Sales Executive employers, coworkers and customers, increasing your value in the market place. 

  • Leadership -- Sales Certification and Marketing Certification signifies you are dedicated to continuous improvement of yourself and your staff.
  • Recognition -- Only the top sales and marketing professionals seek sales certification and marketing certification, indicating that you are a leading sales and marketing professional.
  • Knowledge -- Sales Certification and Marketing Certification improves your understanding of the most current sales and marketing processes and trends. 



View the demographic report of individuals who have recently successfully completed their certification examination.



SMEI has a simple process for you to become sales certified or marketing certified!  Complete online study aides will assist you in the process, along with SMEI's proprietary textbooks compiled by leading universities around the world.  To qualify for certification:

  • Apply and pay the appropriate sales certification or marketing certification fee. 
  • Meet the standards of education and experience as established by one of the profession's most distinguished panel of experts and universities.
  • Pass an online sales certification or marketing certification exam to ensure mastery of all key concepts in your certified discipline.
  • Have a proficiency in the English language.  

To start the process, provide a complete application. Study the materials that are provided. Successfully pass the online certification examination.

Online certification examinations are arranged as needed and supervised by an SMEI approved proctor. Please allow about three months of part-time preparation from when your application is approved.



  • Certified Marketing Executive (CME®) - For marketing managers and top level executives.
  • Certified Sales Executive (CSE®) - For sales managers, company owners and top level executives.
  • SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson (SCPSTM) - For sales representatives and professionals 


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