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8 Biggest Errors Made When Implementing Strategic Alignment

An 8-step process to implement a change management strategy in the context of strategic alignment.

“Leading Change” by John Kotter is a very popular and well known book dealing with change management inside of large corporations. Kotter studied more than 100 companies that attempted to drastically transform themselves. And in the book, John outlines the eight largest errors commonly made.

My colleague, Drew Kiran, and I recently reviewed this book on our show. We analyzed the classic book and its change management concepts, specifically in the context of strategic alignment.

Speakers: Drew Kiran, Andrew Urteaga, SBI

During the show, we will discuss topics such as:

  • How to know when it’s time to re-evaluate your corporate strategy.
  • The concept of strategic alignment, and why it matters.
  • How to determine the value major change can bring.
  • How to avoid the eight issues that affect transformational change.

Many of the concepts that Kotter writes about can still be applied to today’s organizations. And ultimately it starts with defining your corporate and functional strategies. They must be aligned both internally and externally with the market. We’ll discuss how you can apply Kotter’s principles to ensure your company is in alignment, and stays in alignment, during any organizational change.

Ultimately, change inside an organization is not easy. And Kotter’s tips still have value in today’s world. We take it a step further, and apply to the concept of strategic alignment. Listen here as we explain what you need to know when contemplating a transformational change for your organization.

Source: salesbenchmarkindex.com


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